Tricks to Look Like Kim Kardashian Look Alikes

You have probably heard about Kim Kardashian, the reality TV star with beautiful eyes, glowing skin, and high cheekbones. She uses a specific technique to achieve the perfect appearance.

As soon as you click here, you will learn about dressing attire Kim Kardashian wears. Of course, it is vital to understand how to follow the steps we will mention in further articles. It is not just about the look;it is about the entire package. You must learn to act like her and wear makeup properly without looking silly.

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Tricks to Look Like Kim Kardashian Look Alikes

  • Face Preparation – The first thing you should do is wash and moisturize your face before applying. That way, you can prevent potential issues and ensure that makeup stays on your face throughout the day.
  • Foundation and Concealer –It would be best to start by mixing liquid foundation with an application brush all over your face. That way, you can begin to conceal part on the bridge of your nose, under your eyes, on the front of your forehead, and the chin. The best way to ensure the bright eyes is by using a brightening concealer for the process.
  • Contour and Highlight Your Face – You should handle this process to achieve a similar appearance since Kim has specific and defined features. The main idea is to start by implementing a translucent powder to create a foundation. It means you should do it all over your face. The next step is to apply bronzer on cheekbones, especially underneath them. It would be best to use it on the side of your nose, jawline, and the sides of your forehead to ensure the best course of action. Highlighter is another essential step you should use on your brow bone, bridge of the nose and top of cheekbones.
  • Use Blush – Find a specific blush that you can apply to your cheekbones and cheeks. The best way to ensure you look like Kim is to use a dark look, but you can also take advantage of the brown or mauve-colored option, which will offer you a similar vibe.
  • Smokey Eyes – The most straightforward step for achieving the dark eye look is implementing a smokey eye, beginning with gold and brown. Afterward, it would be best to blend it with black or dark brown to achieve the perfect appearance.
  • Eyebrows Definition – A pencil is an effective way to create a sharp-angled brow. You can do it by using a brow gel. Since she has defined and dark eyebrows, we recommend you to use a darker pencil or heavier hand to create the thick line.
  • Lipstick and Lip Liner – Finally, you should choose a lipstick and absorbing lip liner. Since she has dark lips, you can use mauve or maroon colors to re-create a similar appearance.

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Looking Like a Kim Kardashian

  • Create a Specific Style Based on Her Fashion –It is vital to have a wide array of different styles in the closet, which will help you appear as Kim with ease. As soon as you decide to change a style, meaning the clothing and everything that goes with it, you will become more attractive to others than before.
  • Hair Changes – You can wear it half-up, down, or entirely up, depending on your preferences. The main goal is to try out a wide array of hairstyles to match your outfit and makeup.

Acting Like Kim Kardashian

  • Stay Collected, Calm and Cool – You do not have to be like Kim because she can be selfish in numerous situations. Therefore, you do not have to be her, but you can imitate her.
  • Be Nice to People – Generally, she is popular because of the respect she gives to others. It is nice to meet different people, meaning you should treat them with respect and avoid judging before meeting them first.

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  • Be Comfortable with Your Appearance – Being beautiful is different from feeling beautiful. When you show that you are confident with your appearance, that will increase your sense of self-worth, meaning people are more likely to focus on your good sides and neglect flaws altogether.
  • You Can Be Cool – It is vital to remember that you can be like anyone else, meaning you should avoid letting your fears take over you. Instead, you should be yourself.