Do You Know the True Meaning of Rummy Cards Symbols?

A deck has 52 playing cards. Using these cards, people all over the world play various card games like blackjack, poker, teen patti, rummy, etc. even Indians have been playing card games since centuries. Many Indians have these 52 cards at home and also know by-heart all the names of the cards. We also know the basic info of cards and rules of rummy game.

But have you ever wondered that each card has a historical significance, each card has a hidden meaning to it? Have you thought, why the cards have only 4 suits, not 3 or 5? Why is there not a ‘1’ in the cards? Knowing about all these things truly excite us to get a deeper connection with the game and play the card games like rummy with more passion. So, in the world of rummy, let’s get familiar with the history, origins and meaning of the playing cards:

The four suits of cards: Diamonds, Spades, Hearts, and Clubs have different symbolism in their different interpretations. Some of them are given below:

  1. Interpretation One:

The 4 different suits stand for 4 seasons of the year. The Heart card symbolises the spring season. Club represent the summer season. The Diamonds stand for fall or the Autumn season. It also represents game’s or person’s progression and responsibility. Finally, the Spade cards symbolise the winter season.

  1. Interpretation Two:

Here, the four suits represent the different stages of a person’s life. The Heart suit is the symbol of childhood stage of life. The Club cards symbolise the adolescent stage of life. The Diamonds represent the adult life stage of a person. The Spades stand for Old age.

  1. Interpretation Three:

In this interpretation, the suits symbolise four distinct elements: Air is symbolised by Diamonds suits, Spades stand for water, the Heart cards represent fire, and the element of earth is defined by Suits cards.

  1. Interpretation Four:

Middle-aged economy’s 4 pillars are symbolised by the 4 suits here. Spades represent the military, Heart imply the church, Clubs symbolise agriculture, and Diamond cards means the merchant class.

52 cards in a deck means the number of weeks in a year! 13 cards in a single card suit represent the 13 lunar months! Wait, add all the value numbers in a deck, and the answer will be 365 – number of days in a year! Phew!

Besides the suits, each face value of the cards has its own meaning too, right from Ace to Ten! Know what they stand for, from below:

  1. Ace: Desire and aspiration.
  2. Two (2): Unity.
  3. Three (3): Faith and belief.
  4. Four (4): Self-content and satisfaction.
  5. Five (5): Change.
  6. Six (6): Adjustment and adaptation.
  7. Seven (7): Essence of victory.
  8. Eight (8): Pure power.
  9. Nine (9): A New beginning.
  10. Ten (10): Triumph and success.

The Royal family of cards: Joker, Queen, and King stand for history’s most popular and revered rules in the world:

  1. The King of Clubs is the king of Macedonia, Alexander the Great.
  2. The King of Hearts is the king of France, Charlemagne.
  3. The King of Diamonds is Augustus, Roman Caesar.
  4. The king of Spades is David, the king of Israel.

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