Advanced Blackjack Rules and Strategy

If you are like most blackjack players then you probably only know the basic rules of the blackjack game. Knowing only basic blackjack rules is fine if you enjoy playing blackjack for fun. However, if you are involved in high-stakes blackjack or competitive tournament play then it is important to understand the more advanced rules of the game. Important advanced blackjack rules include understanding splitting, doubling down, insurance, and hard hands versus soft hands.

Many blackjack players are unaware that when their initial 2-card hand is a double they can split the hand into 2 separate hands. This is a rule that, when put to use, can also be a great blackjack strategy that can increase a player’s odds of winning by quite a large amount. When you have 2 Aces you should always split them, as an Ace is worth 11 points and the largest percentage of cards in the deck are worth 10 points so your chances of earning at least one 21 blackjack hand are very good. There are several card values that are not so worthwhile to double down on, such as when you have double 10s or face cards for a 20-point hand. Doubling down may cause you to be left with 2 lower-valued hands so it is better not to double down in this case.

Many players are also unaware of the option that they have to double down. When you double down in blackjack you double your bet after receiving your initial 2-card hand. You then receive 1 additional card.

Another important part of advanced blackjack rules to understand is hard hands versus soft hands. In a blackjack game, a soft hand is a hand that contains an Ace which is valued at 11 points. A hard hand is a hand that contains an Ace that must be valued at 1 point because if it was 11 the player would bust. When you play blackjack and have a soft hand you can always add an additional card without any fear of busting because the Ace can always be valued at 1 rather than 11. Additionally, it is important to note that the dealer must always hit on soft 17.

Insurance is another important advanced rule in blackjack. When the dealer’s up-card is an Ace you may place an insurance bet. An insurance bet is equal to half the value of your initial bet and if the dealer gets blackjack when you have placed an insurance bet then you will only lose half of your initial bet.

When you are participating in blackjack gambling, whether it is in a regular table game or in a blackjack tournament, it is very important to have an understanding of advanced blackjack rules. Knowing everything there is to know about how to play blackjack can help you to improve your odds of winning so that you can minimize your losses and maximize your wins when you play blackjack online or off.

Is Blackjack Easy?

Beginner players of any online casino game have a few things to learn before they get started. There are basic blackjack rules that apply to any in-house traditional blackjack game. These rules and guidelines can be found in any book concerning the game of blackjack. The blackjack rules are the same whether you are playing online or in a land-based casino.

The question of whether the game of blackjack is easy or not stands to be determined. When you play enough and win often, you can easily say that the game of blackjack is easy. The rules still apply to you and you’re playing, but you have the tools to increase your odds at winning. Utilizing the information that is available to you can help give you the edge that you need. Reading the blackjack forums online or the books related to blackjack can help you. Take advantage of the information made available to you and you’re playing abilities.

Card counting tips, player-related concerns, and information about the different ways to gain an edge, can all be located online or in any bookstore. Find this information and watch how easy blackjack becomes.

Most folks understand that blackjack online is slightly different than traditional blackjack online. When you play online, you see that the game is created to give you a slightly higher edge over the house than you would if you played in a land-based casino. What does this mean? Does is mean that blackjack online is easier than traditional blackjack? Perhaps, but having an edge at an online casino doesn’t do you any good if you have no idea about the skills and techniques needed to gain that extra increase in odds of playing well.

The best way to satisfy this and balance out the odds and increase your chances of a win is to educate yourself a great deal. Playing with your new skills online will indeed make the game of blackjack easier. When this happens, you can say that online top money earning games in India blackjack is easy. Of course, when you lose a hand, you may want to give up and say that the game of blackjack is hard. Don’t let this stop you, though. Continue on and play as often as you can to become a savvy and winning player.