The first was the influence of family members and other adults in gambling, and the second was the link between gambling and culturally valued events. Sometimes children described engaging in “fun” bets with family members and friends. While some children gave gambling examples to their parents or other family members, particularly during the Melbourne Cup horse race, they rarely conceptualized this as a “real” form of gambling. They often reported never discussing gambling with their family. Children who had participated in betting on the Melbourne Cup horse race rarely perceived that they had been involved in gambling. Some children described that betting on the Melbourne Cup was an exception from gambling because other than this event, they had otherwise never participated in gambling.

Nineteen children in this study described engaging in gambling either formally or informally. A third of the children in this study indicated that they would never gamble. While a few children specifically reported having gambled on scratch cards and Keno, most children who had participated in gambling had bet money on horse races or sporting events: “I’ve done horse racing with one or two dollars.” For example, a few children described that they thought adults “enjoyed a night out at the casino,” that they had seen casino gambling in movies, and that casinos were a specific place where people went to gamble. Since these games are portable and can be played from any computer and any browser available, they’ve attracted many people from many different parts of the world.

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